Problem tree service for difficult yards!

Problem Tree Removal


The team of Tree Service Krautter is equipped and trained to deal with trees in problematic locations, to ensure no damage to your property. We offer safe  problem tree removal service.

Tree Pruning


If your tree in Interlake Region needs pruning, our certified arborist has the experience and knowledge to identify problem zones, keep your trees safe and well maintained. Tree Service Krautter serves in the Arborg, Lundar and Gimli region.

Tree health care


Do you want a professional estimation about the health for the trees on your property in the Interlake Region from Lundar to Gimli? Contact Tree And Yard Service Krautter if your trees appear unhealthy! 

Tree Cabling


The physical structure of trees is sometimes such that they can no longer support their own weight. With our advanced cabling systems that not simply holds two parts of the tree together on a calm day, but keeps those parts from reaching their failure point. Let a professional arborist do the best possible tree service for you! Tree Service Krautter in the Interlake Region: Arborg, Riverton, Gimli and Lundar.

Storm Restoration


Storms in Interlake Region can significantly damage trees and may threaten your property or your own safety. These trees require professional assessment and may need to be removed by experienced arborists. Call Tree Service Krautter.

Tree Planting


You are planning to plant a tree in Interlake Region? If you want your trees to have a long healthy life, our arborist from Tree Service Krautter can give your trees the best possible start.